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Keele Weather Chart

to see if it really is as rainy as people say!

keele Weather Chart
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In this entry (below)
the question of how rainy Keele is was raised. I have heard people say, "Oh, it's Keele, it rains," like the two directly go together. I didn't believe them. So I'm setting up this community to record the weather at Keele for the accademic year 2006-2007. At the end of the year, we shall see how rainy Keele is. If it rains on more than half the days, it will be classed as "rainy".

There are also rumours about it being THE WETTEST UNIVERSITY IN BRITAIN/EUROPE. Obviously I can't check the weather at every university by myself, which is why I'm making this community. If people from all parts of the country can join in (I do realise that publicing this may be difficult... a handful of different people scattered round is the best that I'm hoping for... ask your friends from home to do it?) then we should be able to make a reasonable measure of how rainy Keele is in comparison to at least a couple of other places.

Obviously this is only semi-serious, I'm sure the MET office have the actual rainfall measurments, but I thought it would be a good and random idea to do this year.

Membership to the community is moderated, just because I want to keep track of who's getting involved. Everyone is welcome to watch this community, but we only need one or a few people from Keele to do the actual recording, otherwise I can see that it might start petty arguements about what classifies as drizzle/light rain/chucking it down, etc. But please don't let this stop you from joining in!

One thing I do ask is that anyone using the community will tag all the entries in a consistent way. Please put the place name of where you're monitoring from, eg. Keele, and then also a tag of the type of rain. Ideally these would also all be consistent, so that at the end of the year I can search through the entries by tags, and see which was the most common type of rain and where the wettest place was.

Soon I will modify this profile to include a list of types of rain, but for now please just use your best judgement.

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