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08 October 2006 @ 20:22
6 days  
Tuesday 3rd October

It rained really heavily.  All day.

Wednesday 4th October

A really dry, crisp, cool, day.  In the evening I went for a walk, I needed a cold walk under a clear sky, looking at the stars, and that's exactly what I got.  No rain all day.

Thursday 5th October

It rained today.  And I went for another walk on this night.  This time I needed a walk in consisitent rain, not to heavy but the kind that clears your head.  Again, this was exactly what I got.

Friday 6th October.

IIRC, it rained in the morning.

Saturday 7th October

I wasn't on campus at all on Saturday, but apparently it drizzled for quite a while.

Sunday 8th October

Again, I wasn't on campus for much of the day, it was fine this afternoon, but it's raining now this evening.