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02 October 2006 @ 19:06
3 Days  
Fine. Really, fine. No clouds, even.
Pretty heavy at times, perfectly dry at others. Mixed, really. Mainly dry
Heavy rain for the majority of the day; heavy meaning heavy enough to set off car alarms.
Katieprincess_peas on 2nd October 2006 18:18 (UTC)
Mixed but mainly dry counts as rainy. We're counting the number of days that have any kind of rain. Also we're then adding up amounts/type of rain in a qualitative kind of way, to see who's the winner at the end of the year.

Finally, please can you tag your entries please?
Daniel Franklinsqueakus on 2nd October 2006 18:20 (UTC)
If you tell me how.

Anyway, we'll then just have number of rainy days; say I get 1mm per day for 365 days, but you get 180mm for 3 days, yuor method would have Manchester as rainier than Keele!
Katieprincess_peas on 2nd October 2006 18:33 (UTC)
Ha ha ha. Yes, this is true. But it's also kind of the point.

Because I could have gone months and months and months of dry days, no umbrellas, no frizzy hair, no rising damp, no puddles or anything. And you didn't. Of course, 3 days of 180ml might mean i had more than frizzy hair to worry about, but it's swings and roundabouts with these things!
Katieprincess_peas on 2nd October 2006 18:39 (UTC)
PS. After you've updated, scroll down to the grey box at the bottom. In one of those is a field called "tags". Write in your tags, separated by commas. Include your location, and the summary of what you're updating by in terms of no. of days of each kinds of weather. (dry days/drizzley days/rainy days/thunderstorms/very heavy-rainy days/floods)

For example
Manchester, 3 rainy days, 1 drizzley day, 1 dry day,

It will rearrange alphabetically, but don't worry about that.
That's just so I can search for all the entries by the tags, so, for example, I could look at all the Manchester entries and see how much rain you've had.
Katieprincess_peas on 2nd October 2006 18:44 (UTC)
Rain that set off car alarms?? That's very very heavy rain!!